Saturday, October 20, 2012

My Foot/Adam Sandler

Wow! Today started off fun! Woke up with a swollen foot. "How'd you do that?" everyone asked in swelling anticipation (chuckle's at pun). I have no freaking clue. It was hurting a little on Thursday  Friday went for a workout (that is so douche style to say that) and the foot was still only a little sore. Then today I woke up, stepped out of bed and blammo! swollen ouchy foot foot. 

So that was fun.


Just wanted to talk about some random movie and TV stuffs today.

Being parents, the Future Wife and I don't get out much, so we have to wait for movies we want to see to come out on Bluray or on Amazon instant, which by the by is pretty great if you are lazy and don't want to go to a store or Redbox thingy to rent. You might ask "Don't you have babysitters?" and we would then answer, "Yes, but they are friends, so we use them sparingly." Don't want to be those people that just dump their kids every chance we get. Plus it's not really worth it to go out to movies anymore, what with there only being one or two good movies coming out every two or three months. 

The other night I ask the Future Wife (aka the wife from the future, for she was sent back in time to save my ass) if she wanted to rent a movie. She said yes and the only thing we could agree on was the latest Adam Sandler movie that had come out. That's My Boy. Yippy I say. As of late Mr. Sandler has become the butt of movie reviewers jokes and sometimes they are not wrong to do so, but lets face facts, most movie reviewers are dicks and wouldn't know a good movie if it was having sex with their wives right in front of them. Sandler has done some pretty deplorable things in his movie career, Just Go with It, Jack and Jill, Spanglish and random parts like in Zookeeper. Yeah he will probably never win an Oscar and yeah he hasn't been funny since I don't know; Anger Management, but lets give him some "get out of jail free" cards. He had gotten married, which changes your priorities somewhat, and then he had kids, which kill your dreams, I mean make everything BETTER!! [no, really, baby = ruiner, emoticon semi-colon with close parentheses (get it <--)]  Sandler is older and less funny, it happens. Steven Seagal got more hair and more stomach and somehow that made him less threatening. 

I'm watching you watch me and Wayne's World.
That's My Boy is not his best, but at least he tried to go back to the raunch that got him where he is today. He drops the F-bomb a lot, which is okay, because it isn't a disney movie. The story is a bit bland and the only character that has any really background is Sandler's. Everyone else is secondary, including Andy Samberg's character who plays Sandler's son. Sandler play's Donny, who starts out as a teenage boy that knocks up his teacher, who has the baby (Samberg) in jail, who Donny has to take care of. Donny gets 80's B-list famous, then it peters out (thin).

Cameos of Sandler's friends are less apparent in this film, which sucks, instead we get the Jets head coach and the very unfunny and annoying Nick Swardson. Will Forte, but not enough.

So Todd aka Han Solo (no joke) played by Samberg hates his dad, is getting married and doesn't want anything to do with his dad. Donny owes the IRS money or he goes to jail. there it is, that's it. You can figure out the rest. Some gross things happen, but not too bad, until the end, when something happens. I will not spoil it for you, because you should watch it for yourself. It is a funny movie, but the troupes are good ol' romantic comedy/redemption troupes. 

One thing I would change throughout the whole movie is Sandberg's character Todd/Han Solo. He plays a straight and I mean the sexual straight, not the comedy straight. I would have made him gay, with everything that happens in the movie, it would be a better story line. Not that being gay is a big story line, but it would take the normalized, blind, weak, lover boy character into a new realm, plus how hard would it be for Samberg to play a gay character? He kissed other guys on SNL all the time. It's kind of become his thing.

In summation; That's My Boy isn't the worst movie Sandler has ever done, but by far not the best. Samberg is mostly stagnant, no one else stands out and Susan Sarandon plays the child molesting teacher... is this a thing that she does now? She played the same kind of character on 30 Rock. What is going on with her? She and that tall man are still together right? Is it menopause? Isn't she past the menopause thing? WTF lady? WTF? 

If you haven't seen it, you should, it won't make you pee your pants laughing, but it won't make you angry that you spent the three bucks to rent it, unless you went to the theater and spent way more. if you did you are a fool and I laugh at your foolish ways. 

XOXO Marlon Wayans' number one fan!

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