Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Forza Horizon (single player)


sort of.

From the guys that brought you Burnout, comes Forza Horizon. Playground Games has taken the Forza franchise and unleashed it into Colorado's backyard. That's right you get to take your fanciest video game car and drive around the mountains.

I've been playing through the single player portion of the game, so I can't comment on the whole game, but what I have been playing has been great. The rush of legally driving well over 100 mph on hill after hill of curved road is just so damn fun. 

At the core of the single player is the Horizon festival. A car centered, music festival. It's all about racing, cars and loud dubstep. 
So you start out as a random guy in a random VW and you race to the race...? Yeah and then you get a yellow wristband. After that you race more and more to get different color wristbands leading you up to the big bad boss man Flint. So yes there is a very thin story line in the game, but it's more to show the passage of time and the progress through the game. 

Just like regular Forza games, you can buy new cars, then add performance parts to the cars to make them fast, better, stronger. You can also customize the exterior of the cars, with paint, vinyls and body kits. JUST LIKE REAL LIFE ONLY REALER!!!! And like the other Forza games you can jack other peoples designs and put them on your ride.
So essentially it's Forza 4 or 12 or whatever number they are on right now. The difference is really in the driving. It's somewhere between simulation and arcade. If you want to make it more simulation, all you gotta do is turn off the driver assists, like auto-braking, traction control and alike. This I recommend for those hardcore racing fans. If you are a casual racer leave them on, it will keep you from rage throwing your controller when you get passed up by A.I. drivers. 

Story wise, not much to say here. There's a top driver at Horizon and you have to make your way to the top and knock him off his perch. That's it, nothing more. no conspiracy, no undercover cops, no nothing. Oh well, who cares its a racer. 

The cars are no where near in the amount of the regular Forza games, I'd say a third of what you get in the other games, a bit of a disappointment, but nothing to cry about. You got some Lambo's, Ferrari's, and other expensive rides. There are some trucks and SUV's. There are some import tuners you can dress up, some muscle cars. So the diversity of cars is there, even if the numbers are small.  

Mode wise there isn't much either (save multi-player). There are some rally type races, where you can go dirt to asphalt and back, so rally fans don't despair, you can have fun too. There are lap races and point to point races too.

Definitely a buy if you are a race fan. A rent if you aren't, but still enjoy cars and thump thump music. 

there you go, short and sweet. 


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