Thursday, October 18, 2012

Most Anticipated Titles of the Rest of the Year! ehh.

Well it's that time of year; the time of year when all the major games start coming out. Usually starting in August games companies start releasing their big titles. 

It starts with Madden, which comes out same time every year. "Yea." he said somewhat enthusiastically. I for some reason got Madden this year (oh yeah I remember, I like football). This was not the best iteration of the game by far, but it was by far better than last years version. They took out the ability to use your created player in career mode, so that keep people from using their juiced up creation out of career, BOO I SAY! What if I want to use my steroided up monstrosity to impale Tom Brady's video game likeness? Whelp my friends, you can't. You have to start from scratch, so my short attention span says "FU! EA! F to the U." Then I start five new careers and forget why I'm mad. It's good, but can always be better and next year I'm sure they will fix one new small thing to get the Madden Addicts to buy it again and I probably will, then get sick of it and trade it in for a the 2013 version of Assassin's Creed (if we live through the Mayan Calenders end times). 


Assassin's Creed III comes out on the 30th of October, along with a bunch of other games this month. 
Let's rap, shall we? I'm excited for this one. I enjoy the Assassin's Creed series (minus boringhood...botherhood...brotherfoot...Brotherhood). The story is great and it's sequels actually seem to be evolving, which most sequel games seem like the same thing over and over and blah blah blah. COD being the worst perpetrator of this. Even my infant child hates that game. I got CODMW3 just to finish the story and got everything I asked for; a big ol' shit sammich.

Most of the people I play online with hate COD, not because of the gameplay (okay maybe), but because of the racist homophobic little kids and red neck retards that play and lets face it no one plays the single player campaign (except me apparently). 

So Assassin's Creed Squeeeeeeeeeee! This will be short. Everything I've seen on the interwebs looks amazing. That's it, that's all I've got, because I'm not press and can't go to the big press things where you get to see it in person or get demo's. Sad f'n face happening.

Next up, next month, speaking of sad faces, HITMAN!!!! WOOO! Love the first two then I stopped, thought about and wished there would be more, then there was and I was all like "WOOOooo. bloodmoney you suck." Now 47 is back and unlike Dishonored you don't get achievements for not killing people. YEA! MURDER$$$$!!!!

and another COD. yup. another one. are you happy? you should be. you're not, don't lie to yourself. you can lie to your kids, you can lie to your wife/husband, you can lie to you dog as he looks at you with the saddest eyes every,

but you can't lie to yourself, you are not happy that COD Black Opps II is coming and coming for your soul.

I will talk about Halo 4 later. Don't worry my Kittens

Talkative Spoiled Rich Girl. 

(that's what that show is about right? Horny teenagers with a lot of money.
It's like 90210, but with more money and less rape (surprisingly)). (((THIS)IS)SPARTA) :()) 

Honorable Mention:

WWE 13
Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Far Cry 3
Metro: Last Light
Crysis 3

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