Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Intro to the FUN!

To start with, I am a stay at home dad (hahaha laugh it up fuzz ball). but I have the best job ever. I get to make my kid lunch and clean her dirty diapers, I think that is much better than sitting at work watching a clock.

I am also a gamer and an avid movie watcher. I am lucky enough to have time to still play video games and watch movies.

Here is a list of what you can expect.

1. Straight up opinions of what I like what I don't like.
2. I will try and be funny, but I'm a dad now, so probably not gonna happen much outside of poop jokes.
3. I will throw in games, movies, TV, comics (when I can), music and some sports
4. Fun. I am doing this for fun and for my sanity. so I hope readers will have fun. You are more than welcome to have fun with me or make fun of me or not... fun.
5. I will rant. I might get a little overly opinionated, I will also make wild accusations about things, but I'm allowed this is my blog.

Thanks and enjoy!


Oh and a big thanks to Megan Eccles for the title of my blog. I think it was probably better than The Frog Dick Chronicles (thanks Jared)

and a big BIG thanks to my Baby Mama for helping me out with setting it up. I am stupid without you and you simmer my anxieties!