Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Last week Arkane Studios and Bethesda released Dishonored out on Xbox 360 PlayStation and PC. Woot woot. Good times where had by all. It takes a lot for me to enjoy a game in these thin idea times we live in. I mean lets face it video games are plagued by an influx of sequel after sequel. 


The premise of the game is that you play Corvo Attano the protector of the Empress who gets framed for her murder (thin). Then guess what happens, you have to prove your innocence by kicking the ass of the guys that framed you. And AND you live in a time of plague.

For some reason you get special powers from a dude named "The Outsider!" (thinner). They don't really explain the religious views of this fictional country. It's just one of those 'go with it' story lines that games usually have you deal with. 

Now you are a supernatural killer, who can go through the whole game without killing anyone! Yea! Now your powers and killing skills are rendered moot! (super thin) I think this was just a way to get the player to go through the game again in hopes that they would ignore the fact that there is no multi-player, which most games now have a multi-player of some sort. Which is a rant for another time. (fucking multi-player, go outside with you friends)

Back to the  no killing.

You can play through this game by not killing a single soul. Cool idea even if you are supposed to be an assassin bent on revenge and the rescue of the Empresses daughter. You can also play through the game by killing everyone! Hooray for anti-social behavior! Lets face it murder is fun and healthy! wait no... lets play through without killing. yeah, lets.

So great, good, neat, nice, we can play through without killing, what else can we do? Well you get all these cool powers

Possession (speaks for it's self)
Windblast (again speaks for it's self)
Dark Vision (lets you see through walls)
Bend Time (not really Einstein bending, more like slowing time)
Devouring Swarm (bunch of rats come out of no where and eat people)
Blink (teleportation and the coolest power by far, also the most useful)

Then you get Shadow Kill, Blood Thirsty, Agility and Vitality, which are all not as cool.

You get these powers from finding Runes made of whale bone (except Blink, which is a freebee). Did I mention that the world is powered by Whale Oil? No? Well it is (super thin).

So we got our powers and we got our mission, now what? Now we go out and play. 

The game play is first-person stealth, think Thief or Hitman; if Hitman was in fist person. You sneak and kill, kill and sneak. Use your powers in interesting ways, like slow time right when a guard is shooting at you, possess him and walk him in front of his own bullet, then let him loose and watch as said bullet kills him. Yea for ironic bullets! You can pretty much go anywhere in a level. There is a limit of course, otherwise one could just climb onto the highest rooftops and move around that way. "NO!" says Arkane. 
"You will walk where people can see you, you will not be out in the night, where it is harder to see you, you will not really be able to out-run bad-guys, you can, however, teleport!, so that's cool." Thanks I think.

The game is good, really good, fun even. Don't get your hopes up that you can do anything and go anywhere, because, well, you can't. They might say you can, but you are obviously limited by the game and the story. It's linear, you can only go in one direction; forward. Yes there are multiple ways it can end and multiple ways you can get there. Don't go thinking you can circumvent some of the main stories main troupes, which I wish I could have.

Now onto the main verdict: Rent, buy or leave it.

Buy it, if you are a real gamer and not some Neo-Nazi hate filled Call of Duty playing ten year old.

Rent it, if you are a casual gamer or someone who doesn't have a lot of money or time.

Leave it, if you are a moron. 

Thanks for reading!

XOXO Gossip Girl. (sexy thin)

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  1. That was fun. I had fun. Lets do this again soon.